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About Us

Best Cricket Simulation Game on Mobile!

Nautilus mobile is a Mobile Game development studio based in Pune, India, also the creator and publisher of “Real Cricket™”

Annual additions have been made to the product line starting from Real Cricket™2014 till Real Cricket™2024 making it one of the most preferred brands for cricket lovers.In the last 10 years we have nurtured and built a strong franchise,whose line of cricket games are the leaders of its genre, making it the most loved and profitable cricket game on mobile.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, Nautilus is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are a company of enthusiasts who are eager to share, collaborate and innovate in order to make a positive impact in the future of gaming. Our team members come from all over the World, have different backgrounds and are passionate about solving exciting challenges every day.

We continue creating the best simulation based sports/cricket entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun. The exact same experience and enjoyment of cricket played on the ground, and as we isn't Cricket, if it ain't Real! 

Meet The Team


Core Values


 Successful cricket mobile game franchise from 2013 to date and beyond.

Over 250+ million downloads.

Most preferred mobile cricket game.


From improved graphics to new stadium the game has never looked better. Continuous effort to keep up with the ever changing game of cricket and emerging mobile market.


Immensely passionate about Real Cricket, our social community and user family includes people from various demographics. This user base has been a part of the RC family for the last 8 years and this ever growing loyal fan base is the reason for the immense success of the RC franchise.

The 'Ace' Team

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