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Real Cricket™ 24 - Challengermode

Go ahead and explore the Challengermode in Real Cricket™ 24.

This mode lets you and your friends compete in tournaments and ladders. New events and competitions can be hosted by you and your friends from around the world to win every day.

Compete in high quality tournaments from the best organizers or create your own Space & enjoy with the Real Cricket™ community.

Challengermode Details

Creating an account in Challengermode

  1. Go to and click on sign up to create an account in Challengermode.

  2. Open Real Cricket & go to Multiplayer > 1v1 > Challengermode.

  3. For unregistered user, Challengermode information pop up message will appear with a “LINK ACCOUNT” button.

  4. After selecting “LINK ACCOUNT” “button the user would be redirected to the Challengermode website Login page

  5. The user would be redirected to Challengermode - Realcricket24 webpage.

  6. User must select the “Authorize” option to link the game account with the Challengermode account.

  7. After selecting the authorize option the user would be redirected to the game, and a message related to successful linking of account would be displayed to the user.

  8. The user would now be able to access the Challengermode Tournaments screen.


Creating a Tournament:

In case a user wants to host a Challengermode tournament for Real Cricket game, following procedure must be followed:

  1. Create an account on Challengermode website.

  2. Visit website on your phone/pc.

  3. Create a Tournament by selecting “Create Tournament” button and enter the name of the tournament.

  4. Select the schedule date and time & click “Create”.

  5. In the settings tab you have the following options:

    • General – This is where you can select whether the tournament is an invite only tournament or for everyone. You can also have an entry fee and Prize Pool for the tournament.

    • Game – You can choose between 2 and 5 over options and whether you want to have all participants using their ranked teams or the custom esports teams for the tournament.

    • Schedule – Select & change the date and time for the tournament and a host of other options including auto/manual control of the match seeding etc.

    • Brackets – Bracket type defines the type of tournament you wish to run including single elimination or knockouts, group + single eliminations etc. It also lets you define the minimum & maximum number of teams required to start the tournament.

    • Prices – Allows you to add a sponsorship or entry fee.

    • Restrictions – Allows you to add any restrictions basis the demographics or other requirements.

  6. Once all the necessary settings are done, go back to control panel and publish the tournament. This will allow participants to join the tournament from the tournament list.

  7. Wait for the minimum teams to join the tournament and then Seed and Start the tournament.

  8. While the tournament is Published, players can join and participate, Once seeded, no new players can join the tournament unless cancelled.

  9. Once the tournament starts, you will be able to get all details regarding the past/ongoing/upcoming matches, their results, team standings etc. in Challengermode itself.

  10. As admin, you can also cancel a tournament at any point of time by going to settings of a tournament & clicking on cancel tournament at the bottom.


Users as a Participant in Tournament: (REGISTERED USER)

In order to play the tournament following procedure must be followed by the players :

  1. To Join a particular tournament, Go to Multiplayer > 1v1 > ChallengerMode

  2. Multiple tournaments would be displayed on “Challengermode Tournaments” screen.

  3. Players can Join a particular tournament by spotting the Tournament name present under Tournament Name column on the “Challengermode Tournaments” screen and by selecting the “JOIN” button.​

  • Note :

    • Players won’t be able to join tournament whose State is “Started” or “Finished”.

    • Players can only join a tournament whose State is “Waiting for Players”.

  4. ​Once the player selects the Join button, the player would be redirected to Challengermode website.

  5. On Challengermode website, player should select the Join Tournament option.

  6. After Joining the Tournament, the players must confirm their participation in the tournament. The check-in period which is also                called as the confirmation period would begin as per the check-in time entered by the host while creating the tournament.

  7. After confirming the tournament, the players will secure their spot in the tournament.

  8. After the check-in timer expires the tournament will start automatically.

  • Note: Tournament can also be force started by the admin panel.

  9. Players can see the schedule of the matches and brackets on the Challengermode website.

 10. In order to start a tournament match, the player must go the challenger mode tournaments screen within the game and select the “Overview” button.

 11. After selecting the overview button, the player would be redirected to the Challengermode website.

12. Player needs to select “Go to Game” option on the Challengermode website.

13. After selecting the “Go to Game” option, the player will be redirected to the Match up screen.

14. On the Match up screen - Challengermode website, the user will have to select “Start Game” and “Launch Game” option before the timer expires.

  • Note: The Go-to-lobby timer or Go-to-game timer can be modified by the admin while creating the tournament.

15. Launch Game option would redirect the player directly to the tournament match.


No show scenarios:

  1. Incase if both the players fail to join the match within the allotted time then the admin has the right to force win any of the player.

  2. If one of the Player Joins the match and the other does not then, the player who has joined the match would be declare as a winner.

  3. If incase the “Go to game” timer expires and one of a player visits the Challengermode website then in that case, “I am ready” button will be available on the Challengermode website for both the players with a countdown timer.
    If the opponent player joins and select the “I am ready” option within the expiry of the countdown timer then, the match up would take place.
    If the opponent player does not show up during the expiry of the timer, then the player who is has selected “I am ready” option will be considered as the winner.

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