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Competing for the ultimate win has never been so rewarding!
Join the tournament Real Cricket Xtreme Masters, hosted on Challengermode, beat your opponents, scale the leader-board to maintain your position on the Wall of Fame, month on month. 


Tournament Format: Single Matchup Elimination 

Game Mode: eSports 

No. of Overs: 5  

Entry Fee: None 

No. of Entries Allowed: 1024 

Geography: Global

Registrations Start On : TBA

Matches Start On :TBA

How to Register: 

  • Sign In or Create an account at using the same Gmail account to which your game ID is linked to.

  • ADD ACCOUNT > SEARCH FOR Real Cricket™ 22> FIND THE TOURNAMENT Real Cricket Xtreme Masters - June 2023-> click on ‘Join Tournament’ (TBA)

Tournament Progression : ​

  • ​After successful registration, players need to confirm participation when the confirmation window opens, this ensures that they will be playing on a first come first served basis.

  • The players will then be seeded/matched to play against one another randomly and the tournament begins. Participants cannot leave the tournament after this stage.

  • Participants may play their matches at the bracket time or consent with the opponent and place a request for an extension of 60 mins to admin.

  • Each player has 30 minutes to show up to Game Lobby. Not showing up will result in a walkover/forfeit. 

  • Each player has 15 minutes to show up to a match (in case of reschedule 15 + 60 mins). Not showing up will result in a walkover/forfeit. 

  • The rounds will continue until 4 teams are qualified to Quarter finals, who then will play the final knockout stages. 

  • Winners should always take screenshots of the scorecard at the end of every match. In case of any disputes or allegations, it can be provided as evidence to the admin. 

Rewards & Recognition: 

  • The total prize pool of the RCXM May'23 tournament was INR 100,000/-

    • Winner : INR 50,000/-

    • Runner Up 1 : INR 30,000/-

    • Runner Up 2 : INR 20,000/-

  • Along with the prize money, winners get featured on the Wall of Fame on the Real Cricket website and all social media channels.

  • The coveted Real Cricket™ Player of the Year prize and winnings can only be attained if you maintain your position on the monthly leader board under the following point system per month : 

    • Winner of the Month (Gold Bat Holder) : 100 points ​

    • Runner Up 1 & 2 of the Month (Bronze Bat & Silver Bat Holders) : 50 points each

    • Top 8 Players : 25 points each

    • Top 64 Players : 10 points each.​​

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