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Real Cricket 24

E-sports Guidelines


Tournament Settings :

Tournament will be conducted through Challenger Mode & bracket type will be decided by the organizer.


  • Pro Joystick control can be the only control used. 

  • Participants can use multiple batting presets for batting. 

  • Shot map can include Gold & Platinum shots if available with the respective users. 

  • Manual fielding will be the only option available. 


Game play Settings:

  • Default stadium will always be Melbourne 

  • Pitch type will be Green 

  • Mode will be Esports and the participants are expected to pick from the 5 standard teams available 

  • All competitive matches will be conducted in a 5 overs per innings setup. 

  • Batting side only gets 5 wickets & on loosing them, his side is considered to be all out 

  • Each user is allowed to save his preferred preset for both shot-map and field placements in advance. 

  • Time to change field – 60 secs per over. 

  • Pause time – Maximum 30 secs pauses 3 times during a match. 

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